Legal costs advanced for the client (e.g. registery fees, subpoenas, etc.) that cannot be claimed from the opposite party are charged as such.

File costs are charged on a lump sum basis per unit in currency with the current legal practice i.e. € 150 for opening the file, € 12,00 per single-addressed letter, € 7,50 per multi-addressed letter, € 15,00 per registered letter, € 12,50 per page for the typing of legal documents, € 0.30 per copied page and € 0.50 transport costs per kilometre.

Finally there is a lump sum office charge of € 75 towards costs that cannot be readily budgeted (use of email, internet, phone and fax, etc.) ).


The fees represent a payment for intellectual services, such as consultations, legal advice, drafting of pleadings of a case, petitions and subpoenas, research, counsel's pleadings, etc. These fees can be charged in two different ways:

  • at an hourly rate of € 150 for intellectual services, or:
  • based on a percentage according to the case value which is determined by the gross amount of the claim taking into account the following ratios:
    • 15% on the first bracket between € 0.01 and € 6,250;
    • 10% on a second bracket between € 6,250 and € 50,000;
    • 8% on a third bracket between € 50,000 and € 125,000;
    • 6% on a fourth bracket between € 125,000 and € 250,000;
    • 4% on any amount exeeding € 250,000.
    • (Of such cases are dealt with in multiple instances (opposition and/or appeal) these percentages are increased by 50%.)

Rates are excl. 21 % VAT. sReference of the insurance certificate of professional liability.